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Guidelines, Dues and Application Information:

  1. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce.
  2. LeadShare members may represent only one business.  A member may be a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or an agent of the business.
  3. One representative per professional specialty will be accepted per LeadShare group.
  4. Chamber members may belong to more than one LeadShare group, as long as their professional specialty is not duplicated. 
  5. If a member chooses to belong to more than one LeadShare group, he/she must declare a primary group.  A member can be ‘bounced’ from a secondary group, if and when, another representative of the same professional specialty requests to join and is accepted. 
  6. Members must be committed to learning about the businesses of other LeadShare members, so that they will be able to confidently make referrals.
  7. Members must attend regularly scheduled meetings or send a designated substitute.
  8. A member is allowed a maximum of five absences during a membership year. The LeadShare officers will contact the member after 5 absences to review his/her status.
  9. Members must be committed to generating at least two qualified leads per month.
  10. Prospective members may attend two LeadShare meetings as a guest. (Chamber membership is not required for guests.)
  11. Annual membership dues are $50, payable upon acceptance as a member.  A one-time application fee of $10 will be charged.
  12. Membership in a Chamber LeadShare group is a privilege. Conflicts arising out of business overlap infringements or non-compliance with the guidelines, will be arbitrated by the officers of the group and appealed to the LeadShare Committee*. If further action is necessary, the Executive Committee of the Chamber will review the situation and make the final determination.




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Culpeper Leadshare Exchange Group is designed to assist participants in expanding their business network. It is an active and structured system for furnishing and receiving business referrals. Members become acquainted with each other’s businesses and learn what kind of client each is seeking. Promote your business through networking and fellowship!

Leadshare Mission Statement: Increasing business through network referrals, while maintaining the highest standards of ntegrity, service & quality.


  • Expand and grow your business with a sales force of 20 or more working for you.
  • Small Investment, high return. Annual dues are $50 and one hour per week for meetings.
  • Access to business resources: Sales/Marketing and Business Training.
  • Develop lasting business relationships through fellowship.
  • Make new business contacts in a time and cost effective way with individualized company recognition.

Are you interested in learning more about your Chamber associates and having them learn about the products and/or services you have to offer?

A Leadshare group is the perfect networking opportunity and we now have four groups.

  • Tuesday, 8:30 AM
    Contact Craig Phelps at (540) 219-4709          Meets at Virginia National Bank


  • Tuesday, 11:30 AM
    Contact Chris Williams at (540) 395-9516
    Meets at Luigi's Italian Family Restaurant



  • Friday, 8 AM

Contact Aaron Simmons at (540) 905-0192 Meets at Pepper's Grill






 * The LeadShare Committee consists of  the president of each LeadShare group and an individual from the Chamber Board of Directors that has been choosen to be the LeadShare liason.  This group meets quarterly to discuss issues and concerns of the LeadShare groups.

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